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In the United States, people actually seem to care what celebrity figures from the entertainment world think about politics. This amazes everyone in the civilized world (the whole developed world plus all Blue States) except Los Angeles which for this purpose is considered not a blue state.

(Not) My President

Celebrities that have openly and actively supported Bush policies:

Celebrities that have actively spoken up against Bush policies:

Beside each one, try to list causes and organizations that they have been involved in, especially political ones, or issues they have spoken up on.

Specific issues

Celebrities also speak up on issues that concern them or involve them, especially in public service ads. Notably visible in ad for Make Poverty History and Live8, which clearly advocated giving 0.7% to foreign aid:

As the Bush administration opposes this policy, these people must be seen as anti-Bush.

Involuntary politics

Some celebrities have become involved in politics despite any desire to avoid it. For instance:

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