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Veerman serves as the Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality for the Netherlands and President of the EU Council of Agriculture Ministers. Key issues Veerman focuses on is the relationship between agriculture and society (specifically combating poverty), the relationship between farming and nature, and reforming the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Veerman constantly speaks on changes that necessitate reforming old policies in order to meet the European public demand.

Born on March 8, 1949. Veerman attended Erasmus University in Rotterdam, then went on to attain a doctorate degree of economic science at Wageningen Agricultural University in 1983.

After attaining his degree, Veerman taught economics at a secondary school. In 1989 he taught agricultural business economics and sociology at Tilburg University. A year later, Veerman became a professor of agribusiness at his alma-mater, Erasmus University, then in 1997, became chairman of the board of management at Wageningen University.

Veerman has sat as a member on various supervisory boards throughout his career. Some of these boards include the National Cooperative Council for Agricultural and Horticulture, the board of the Horticultural Auction Association, the DLO Agricultural Economics Research Institute, the Moret, Ernst & Young advisory board, the Nieuw-Beijerland municipal council for the Christian Democratic Alliance (CDA), and the Social and Economic Council.

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