CID Report of Investigation (11/17/2004)

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This is a report regarding an alleged incident at Abu Ghraib prison. It involves one detainee and one unknown subject. The date of the detainee's capture is unknown. The charges are Assault and Cruelty and Maltreatment. Both the detainee and the subjects identities are exempted.

Several conflicting stories have been reported by the detainee regarding this incident. If there was an act of abuse, it looks like it was an employee of CACI

The investigation was initiated upon a Request for Assistance for the 78th Military Detachment regarding case # 0219-04-CID259-80253. The initial information from the Red Cross was the detainee had been cuffed from 15Mar to 25Mar 04 at some time for a period of 8 hours which harmed his wrist

The detainee denies this charge by the IRC, but alleges this other one of being shoved. The investigator in this email says due to communication/ translation problems this could be the same incident(pg 74)

From what I can tell, the circumstances were as follows:

The detainee claims no other incidents of abuse. On an unknown day in earlier May, a SGT had noticed a large lump on the detainee's wrist and asked the detainee how that happened.

The detainee said he had been alone in the interrogation room and someone, a younger male by the tone of his voice, had come in and yelled at him and then shoved him hard, and the shove had jerked his wrist in the cuffs. The detainee was crying as he told the story. (pg 11)(pg 40)

The SGT claims the detainee was splinted and sent to the BCCF hospital.

The detainee corroborates that he was taken to a hospital. It may be reasonable to assume this interpreter did not notice his hand until after the hospital trip. It appears a different interpreter was in the room the day the detainee spoke of his injury.

There are no records of the hospital trip.

The SGT filed the original abuse report with the interrogation records of this detainee.

The detainee claims he had been interrogated between 40 and 50 times and this incident had occurred on roughly the 20th interrogation.

It appears those involved in the interrogation process were an SGT (maybe two), an SPC, an interpreter from Titan Corporation, and an analysist from CACI.

The interpreter says the detainee had given two stories, one that he had fallen on it, one that he had been shoved while shackled. She says she had never seen an interrogator use force.(pg 10)

The interpreter noticed his hand was bandaged. This is when she asked what had happened. Interpreter also says the interrogator always had the same analyst. (pg 14)

Now, for some reason a SGT reports an unrelated incident of leaving for a few minutes and coming back and seeing a guard leaving the interrogation room where the detainee was being held.

The guard tells the SGT he was checking on the detainee. The SGT goes into the room and the detainee is laying on the floor. Guard says he was sitting up just moments earlier. Detainee says he was trying to lay down, find a comfortable position. The detainee was not blindfolded on this incident, so... this is not the incident in question.

Subsequent pages are interviews by an SA. What stands out is he keeps asking if the analyst from CACI was ever alone in the room with the detainee. The answer was no. These interviews were in October 28-9th, 2004.

On page 31 is this from