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A new meme is emerging due to the Capital Hill Blue article "Bush's Erratic Behavior Worries White House Aides" and the new book "Bush On The Couch" and the attendant storm of speculation as to Bush's mental stability these writings have created in the liberal blogosphere. This nastly meme can be an extremely effective political weapon as Gore, and more recently, Dean, have experienced. My first reaction upon reading the article and the book was profound fear and anxiety about the future. Nobody wants to be at the mercy of a crazy person.

There have been diagnoses of various personality disorders posited by mental health care professionals on a theoretical basis from early on in bush's Presidency ranging from Dry Drunk Syndrome to full-blown Sociopathy. The main reason this meme hasn't stuck is that seeing is believing. We don't have footage of Bush acting wacko. He seems self-possessed in public, regardless of how wacky the things coming out of his mouth are.

This meme could collect those speculations and the observations and incidents on which they are based, as well as incidents which tend to cast doubt upon the stability of Bush mental state. Incidents of cruelty, callousness, inappropriate behavior (his wiping of his glasses on the Late Show producer's clothes comes to mind), odd personality quirks, bizzarre pronouncements, and all other such information one would need to diagnose a person with a mental health condition without the benefit of a personal psychiatric evaluation. More than anything else, video clips of questionable behavior are needed. Stringing together a litany of odd behavior might be effective in swinging public opinion. What is really needed is video of his acting in a truly nasty or erractic way.

If enough red flags can be raised about Bush's mental health, it could be a powerful tool in questioning his fitness for command and his ability to undertake the duties of the President. It can also be used to crank up people's anxiety level regarding Bush having his finger on the button, especially in light of his millenial beliefs. A man suffering of the delusion that the world is about to end by God's will who has the means to make that fate come about is a worrisome thing indeed.

Crazy man with the button. Crazy man with the button. Crazy man with the button. That might well be a very effective meme in peeling away more of Bush's base.

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