Bush is Stupid

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Widely Held


Malapropisms, failed businesses (couldn't find oil in Texas, traded Sammy Sosa), lack of knowledge about foreign leaders and history. Use of alcohol and (possibly) cocaine - Bush is a recovering alcoholic, but the extent of alcohol use and the extent and existence of cocaine use is under debate. George W. Bush was a below-average student at Andover and Yale; and yet, he still was admitted to Harvard's Business School.

Talking Points

  • "Born on third base, thinks he hit a triple."
  • "Born with a silver foot in his mouth" This is a quote from Ann Richards, former governor of Texas.


  • He's just not "book smart".
  • "...but he surrounds himself with smart people."
  • Bush isn't stupid; he's evil.


Is he really stupid? Is it all just an act? For a good primer on Bush's intellectual inadequacies, check out Slate's article The Misunderestimated Man : How Bush Chose Stupidity


  • Bush with reading an upside down book (from a Photoshopped photo)
  • Bush viewing through lense caps (probably glare caps, from photo)

Derogatory Nicknames

  • Shrub
  • The Chimp
  • Dear Leader
  • Incurious George
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