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Seems to have hit the back burner. Was clearly a talking point for the Kerry campaign a couple of months ago.

Bush considers himself a deeply religious, moral, man. One definition of a moral action is one "...based on strong likelihood or firm conviction rather than actual evidence". Bush's decision to attack Iraq appears to have been based more on the "moral certainty" that Iraq had weapons, than the actual fact that Iraq had WMD (in fact, they did not).


Kerry Accuses Bush of 'Stubborn,' Not Steady, Leadership

Call to Action

Help me come up with a better word than "Stubborn."

"Ignores Changing Conditions"

"Can't Adjust?"

"Recklessly stubborn"


The Bush team likes to refer to Bush's leadership as "steady leadership". In one interview, Bob Woodward marveled to Charlie Rose about the fact that the Bush team still links to to Woodward's book on their website. The Bush team believes that Bush's strong convictions (and Woodward's depiction of them) would be seen as a largely positive thing by typical Americans. They go on the attack by declaring that Kerry Flip Flops.

Describing Bush as "stubborn" is a good start, but is still only a glancing blow. The problem with "stubborn" is that it is often used as a term of endearment. Often family patriarchs and matriarchs are "stubborn", but they are also "wise" and "lovable". Moreover, "stubborn" implies a certain amount of caution that doesn't exist with Bush.

It's hard to know what the right word is. However, here's a good metaphor. We want someone behind the wheel who, when they see a curve in the road, turns the wheel! Bush laid a straight ahead course in Iraq, and didn't account for any curves in the road. When we hit our first curve, we ended up off the road, and still plowing through a cornfield, full-speed, pretending as if nothing is wrong.

Another metaphor: George Bush offers the same steady leadership that the captain of the Titanic offered.


user:Joshyelon I'm reminded of the captain of the titanic: full steam ahead, never mind the icebergs. Course, that's still not a short phrase.

user:emjaycue I thought it was "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!", quoth by William Farragut during the latter years of the Civil War.

user:Joshyelon I suppose it depends whether you think he's going to make it over the mines, or crash into an iceberg.

user:Shock It reminds me of a child with its eyes closed, fingers in its ears, repeating "Nah, nah, nah, I can't hear you, Nah, nah, nah..." Inflexible? Close-minded? Has blinders on? Pig headed? Brittle?

user:DFWmom How about..."inflexible" "obdurate" "rigid" "unbending" "bullheaded" "mulish" "set" If we're going to reference past military campaigns, how about The Charge of the Light Brigade? When considering the term "inflexible", remember that it is the bough that bends, that does not break!

user:Alioth "Some folks NEVER learn."

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