Bush Is Unelected

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  • See the thorough documentary "Unprecedented".


George W. Bush cannot run for "re-election" in 2004, but he can be "re-defeated". He lost the 2000 election to then Vice President Al Gore by 543,895 votes (officially) [1] if not a greater number of votes (un-officially) due to a number of factors and the intervention of republican partisans, ultimately being appointed by the action of the partisan majority in the United States Supreme Court in their Bush v. Gore decision of December 12, 2000. [2] Thus, the foundation of George W. Bush's legitimacy as President of the United States is nonexistent and he is indeed, a phony.


  • While true, can sound like whining.
  • But then, as a nation if we don't speak out against the blatant theft of an election what other crimes will we easily accept?
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