Bush Is Phony

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Talking Points

  • Not A Real Cowboy
    • "All Hat And No Cattle"
    • Not Really From Texas
    • Afraid of horses
  • Not really in the military
  • Couldn't Actually Find Oil
  • Unelected
  • Not actually a Regular Guy


  • Went to Yale
  • Elected Governor of Texas
  • Smart as a Fox
  • Honest and Good
  • W Is the Bush that Loves Texas




A petty point that nonetheless appeals to many regarding Bush because he does project a persona of being a regular guy, "most prefered to invite to a BBQ". Fact is


Joshyelon I think, as stated, this is too vague to be relevant. Also, it's petty, as you say. I'd like to remove it from the "Development" section, I don't think it warrants development. Any disagreement?

--Pyrrho 01:57, 3 Jun 2004 (PDT) I'm not sure it shouldn't be recorded and catalogued. I did hear this in the wild, but I don't think it is a meme. If we start to hear it a lot. Not every meme in here has to be one we are pushing. I would like to mark memes as part of the ThinkTank research that I contribute, and of course, encourage others to do so. Perhaps we need a clear delineation in stunning HTML that will clarify advocacy from recording. I wouldn't object this going in some category such as "petty" or "sighted once". Possibly in the future it could be deleted.

Joshyelon 10:37, 3 Jun 2004 (PDT) I only removed it from the development section of the meme development queue. It's still in the encyclopedia of memes.

--Pyrrho 17:55, 3 Jun 2004 (PDT) thanks josh.
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