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This is a MemeTank meme.


Call to Action

To me, the phrase "Bush Campaign Lies" doesn't sound "catchy." Too matter-of-fact. Is there some way to jazz this up?

How about Bush Campaign Betrayals? or Bush Campaign Flip-Flops? (to neutralize their favorite anti-Kerry bite) or Trail of Broken Promises?

Similar comment: "The Many Lies of George W. Bush" covers more ground - we're talking about a person who has repeatedly shown reckless disregard for the truth, as presidential candidate and president.


Inspired by Bush's lies... oh, and this http://bushcampaignlies.blogspot.com/.

Happy Editing.

The List

Bush and Chalabi - Bush is now saying he hardly knows this Chalabi guy.

NOTE: I would like to link to this from TalkingPoints and MemeTank

President Bush has already been given two Whopper of the Week awards by Slate magazine just in 2004, and there are more, of course, in prior years.

Another source is the issue list at the Center for American Progress, titled President Bush: Flip-Flopper-In-Chief


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