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Bryan Kennedy (D) ran for Congress, but lost to incumbent, Frank James Sensenbrenner, Jr., in the Fifth Congressional District of Wisconsin, see Wisconsin U.S. House election, 2006.

Bryan Kennedy bio: Born in Hagerstown, Maryland,attended Brigham Young University on an academic scholarship, took a two-year leave of absence to serve as a missionary for the LDS Church in northern Portugal. After returning to college, he became interested in Brazil and began pursuing the study of Brazilian culture and literature, earned a BA in Portuguese and political science in 1994, worked briefly for former Congressman Bill Orton (D-UT 3rd). Married his college sweetheart, Heather, who completed a master’s in social work and went to work as a psychotherapist. Became very actively involved in politics while a graduate student at the University of North Carolina, served for one year as President of the 9,200 member graduate and professional student body. Has worked on nearly a dozen political campaigns in Maryland, Utah, North Carolina and Wisconsin, including John Edwards’ victorious Senate campaign in 1998. Presently at UW-Milwaukee, focuses on life in the favelas (shantytowns) of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and travels there several times per year to live among the poor, studying their way of life, culture, religious and political beliefs, and other aspects of their daily lives.

Interview with ePluribus Media.

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