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Among the preeminent American League baseball franchises, the Boston Red Sox have compiled a memorable but sordid history throughout their existence. Established in 1901 as the Boston Americans, the club has won six World Championships, eleven American League Championships, and appeared in the playoffs 16 times. Much of their notoriety, however, is due to a string of painful playoff losses and their failure to win a World Series after 1918 until 2004. In 1920 team owner Harry Frazee sold star Red Sox player Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees to finance a Broadway play. Ruth, nicknamed the “Bambino,” led the Yankees to several World Series victories in the following years. Many Red Sox fans attribute the long World Series drought as the “Curse of the Bambino.” (Many fans were born and died without seeing a World Series victory.)

The Red Sox also are infamous as the last Major League Baseball team to racially integrate their roster. Not until switch-hitter Pumpsie Green was brought up from the minors in 1959 — twelve years after Jackie Robinson broke baseball's color barrier — did the Red Sox field an African-American player.

The Red Sox finally won the World Series in 2004. After losing the first three games to the Yankees in the American League Championship Series, the Red Sox won four games straight — often in come-from-behind extra inning victories — to steal the League title. Then the Red Sox soundly beat the St. Louis Cardinals in just four games to become champions. Now will the Cubs ever win?

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The Red Sox enjoy the most loyal and enthusiastic fans baseball. The fans comprise Red Sox Nation.

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