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Lt. Col. Boris T. Pash was a Russian-American U.S. Army intelligence officer who spent his career hunting suspected communists and alleged communists.

Pash was the son of Rev. Theodore Pashkovsky, a Russian Orthodox priest who had been sent to California by the Church in 1894, who took his family back to Russia more than a decade after Pash was born on San Francisco, California on June 20, 1900. During the Russian Civil War, Pash served in the White Russian or Czarist Navy. In 1920 he married aristocrat Lydia Ivanov and fled to the U.S. when the reality of the Bolshevik Revolution appeared inevitable.

In 1954 he testified in the security hearing that crucified Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer.

Pash retired from the Army in 1957. He died on May 11, 1995 in Greenbrae, California.


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