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Robert "Bobby" R. Eberle (born March 13, 1968 in Chicago, Illinois) is the president and CEO of both GOPUSA, a news and commentary Website whose motto is "Bringing the conservative message to America", and Talon News.



[Excerpt from Article -- Insight on the News March 1, 2004]

[1] Eberle Uses Web to Spread GOP Story -- Bobby Eberle and GOPUSA circulate the conservative message throughout cyberspace with a blend of news and commentary that explains important policy issues - Picture Profile

Location for interview: National Conservative Political Action Conference near the Pentagon at the Gateway Marriott in Crystal City, Va.

GOPUSA now gets about 30,000 page views every day. In 2000, when it started, it received about 3,000 views per month. GOPUSA is a 100 percent volunteer-run company,

Eberle notes. We have about 50 people involved nation wide with the day-to-day operations. We have folks in 40 of the 50 states who help update their state sections with news and commentary. Our e-mail magazine goes out on Mondays. And all that with no paid advertising.


In the summer of 1993 near the end of graduate school, news story about two high-school girls, ages 14 and 16, Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Pena. walking home one evening, stumbled upon a gang initiation, they were raped and murdered.

I decided I had to get involved with public service, volunteering for Habitat for Humanity. In the winter of 1994 I called the [Harris] County Republican Party, and I've been involved ever since. I believe in personal responsibility rather than collectivism, so it never occurred to me to call the Democrats.


In 1994 when I lived near Rice University I was involved actively in Young Republicans with my good friend Bill Fairbrother. Our two main areas of interest were politics and technology. Bill was a computer-science guy and I was an engineer.

In 1999 we started a Web-design company for Republican candidates. We'll help get good candidates on the Web and we'll use our design and technology skills to get out the conservative message! It didn't turn out quite that way.

We had come in at the tail end of the electoral cycle. In Texas, the primary is in March. We were looking toward March 2000, but we were just getting organized in December 1999. The result was that we didn't get a lot of activity, and during the spring when things were really slow we had a chance to re-evaluate. Was this the way we wanted GOPUSA to go?

What I really like to do is talk policy discuss the issues and try to help others understand them. And so, during the summer, we suffered a few growing pains with the company, completely restructured, and by September 2000 the GOPUSA that people know now as an Internet news/information/commentary company was born.

Q: You say you like to talk policy. What's big on your agenda right now?

A: Homeland security, defense and the economy. Those are going to be the big issues going into the election. It's going to be interesting as we get closer to November

Q: Who are your political heroes?

A: I'm a big fan of Ronald Reagan and I'm a big fan of the current president. Reagan I like because he picked a few simple ideas and hammered them home without wavering. As for George W. Bush, I first saw him in action in 1994 in Texas as governor. What I really like about him is that he stays on message and keeps coming.

Q: What plans for the near future do you have for GOPUSA?

A: This obviously is a big political year and we hope to do a number of things. We're working on our own ad contests to counter what is doing to bash Bush. To go along with our company's policy, we want to turn that around and be positive in approach, so this contest we're planning for the best pro-Bush ads likely will be geared to a pro-conservative, pro-Republican message. We can do that best. We're building up a panel of judges right now.

We also plan to be heavily involved in covering the campaign and the convention. We will have reporters there in New York to bring the convention news into focus with a grass-roots feel. After all, our core at GOPUSA is grass-roots conservatism.

2003 Sept. GOPUSA conference - our first and it was a success. It turned out to be very interactive and it was good to see people come away energized and informed.

He might be called a Republican activist. Eberle has served as president of the Houston Young Republicans, director of club development of the Texas Young Republican Federation and as a three-term state chairman of the Texas Young Republican Federation. He was a delegate to the 2000 Republican Convention in Philadelphia and was vice chairman at large of the Young Republican National Federation.

[2] PERSONAL BIO -- March 1, 2004

Eberle, Bobby Lockheed Martin Corp. - Aerospace engineer GOPUSA - President and CEO of, a news and commentary Website whose motto is "Bringing the conservative message to America."

Born: March 13, 1968 in Chicago.

Education: 1990 BS in aerospace engineering - Texas A&M University, College Station 1993 MS 1995 PhD in mechanical engineering - Rice University, Houston.

Volunteer work: Institute for International Education as a speaker on politics and the youth movement; construction volunteer and member of the Volunteer Coordination Committee of Habitat for Humanity during last decade.

Awards: Named to Outstanding Young Men of America, 1998; also in 1998, selected as one of 96 directors of the Texas Lyceum Association, a group composed of political and civic leaders younger than 40.

Family: Wife Kathleen, a physician children Charlotte 7 and Robert III ("Tres") 2.

Roman Catholic. Insists genuine religious faith inevitably influences political opinions.

"My mind went back to the time when my father was still living, and how he helped in the community whenever he could."

Generations: Robert Eberle I - deceased Robert Eberle II - Bobby age 36 Robert Eberle III - son age 4

False Positives


There are two Bobby Eberles. GOPUSA's Bobby Eberle works with the conservative site, whose founder Bruce Eberle also has a brother named Bob.


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