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From Wikipedia:

Woodward has co-authored or authored ten #1 national best-selling nonfiction books, more than any other contemporary American writer. They are:

All the President's Men (1974) about Richard Nixon and Watergate

The Final Days (1976) about Nixon's resignation

The Brethren (1979) about the United States Supreme Court in the Warren Burger years

Wired (1984) on the comedian John Belushi and the Hollywood drug culture

Veil (1987) about the CIA's "secret wars" during the reign of William J. Casey

The Commanders (1991) on The Pentagon, the first Bush administration and the Gulf War

The Agenda (1994) about Bill Clinton's first term

Shadow (1999) on the legacy of Watergate

Bush at War (2002) about the path to war with Afghanistan following September 11

Plan of Attack (2004) about how and why President Bush decided to go to war with Iraq

Woodward's two other books, also national best-sellers, are:

The Choice (1996) about Clinton's re-election bid

Maestro (2000) about Fed chairman Alan Greenspan

Woodward's newest book, The Secret Man (2005) about Deep Throat revealed as Mark Felt.

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