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Online Video Vault

A collection of videos and audio clips, or pointers on where to find and download video and audio clips, that have received much attention in the blogosphere. Visit the VideoVault now and catch up!


The "Blogosphere" is a term that refers to the world of blogs (Web logs), the bloggers who blog them, and those that frequent and comment on them. It generally refers to political blogs, though could be understood in a more broad sense.

Can it be said that those of the blogosphere have something in common even when they find themselves on opposite sides of the issues? We can't say but we suspect so, because the blogosphere is about the democratization of journalism and information. Even if it does live off secondary sources, it provides insight and analysis. It is in the interest of all sides that an energetic public debate can take place. If the Internet is the new world town square, then the blogs are our soapboxes. We have lived in a world where every story is "out there" and yet remained unheard, but the blogosphere serves to accentuate, emphasize, identify, sort, collate, frame, and herald this information. Oh, and we make wikis.

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Daily Kos

Started by Markos Moulitsas Z�$B%F%3�(Bniga, the Daily Kos has become the most highly trafficked political blog of any political persuasion and is also the origin of this wiki. More information about Daily Kos:

Online Streaming Audio

As the so-called Mainstream Media in the United States continues to package entertainment, scandal and propaganda and sell them as news, those interested in obtaining real news are turning increasingly to sources of news outside the country. The Online Streaming Audio Guide lists links to national broadcasting services of other countries, available on the World Wide Web in streaming audio format.

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