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A page in blog form has signed posts in chronological order (or reverse chronological). Conventions that apply:

  • any IPA goes at the top or bottom of the page out of the stream of the comments
  • no one may edit anything anyone else wrote outside the IPA, even just to add obvious links and correct spelling errors
  • no one may delete anything anyone else wrote, no matter how offensive it is, live with it or complain to the bosses
  • anyone may dispute or respond to anything said by complaining about it in-line, chopping up what the other said (a motive to keep your paragraphs short and your points crystal clear)
  • anyone may edit anything they themselves wrote, until someone else answers to it, at which point, you're stuck with what you said.

A page in article form, timeline form or index form follows totally different conventions.

Any of these page forms may include a IPA typically at the top or bottom of the page, but it's better to keep IPAs in the articles unless the issue is about the definition of the term in the title of the page.

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