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Bioethics is the ethics of decision-making about advances in biological science, medical science and cybernetics.


Definition and Scope

Bioethics involves the analysis of the ethical questions arising from choices resulting from advances in biology and medical science and cybernetics. There is no scholarly or popular consensus on the proper scope for ethical evaluation of the choices resulting from such advances. Some bioethicists would narrow ethical evaluation only to the morality of medical therapy or technological innovations, and the timing of medical treatment of humans. Other bioethicists would broaden the scope of ethical evaluation to include the morality of all actions that might help or harm organisms capable of feeling fear and pain.

Bioethics often involve public policy questions which social conservatives have or may use to mobilize their political constituencies. For this reason, some biologists and others involved in the development of technology have come to see any mention of "bioethics" as an attempt to derail their work and react to it as such, regardless of the true intent. Transhumanist biologists in particular can be inclined to this line of thought, as they see their work as inherently ethical, and attacks on it as misguided.

List of Bioethics Issues

Bioethicists employ philosophy and sometimes theology tricked out as philosophy to reach conclusions about the issues listed above.

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