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Organizations, most notably the Election Protection Coalition, have compiled a "voter bill of rights" for each state, enumerating the voter's rights in simple language, with each right accompanied by the appropriate statute. Such bills almost invariably include rights such as the following:

  • cast a ballot if the voter is in line when the polls are closing
  • bring a sample ballot into the polling place
  • ask for a replacement ballot if the initial ballot is spoiled
  • bring a minor into the voting booth along with the voter
  • cast a provisional ballot if the user is not listed on the voter rolls and does not have acceptable identification
  • be free from influence of other people within a specified distance of the polling place
  • receive assistance in voting including Braille, audio help, and personal assistance if nessessary

Other voting rights, such as a felon or ex-felon's right to vote, vary substantially from state to state.

  • NAACP Legal Defense Fund voter bills of rights for individual states

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