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Bill Sali is a former Republican state legislator from Idaho, who won election to the open seat in Idaho's first congressional district, see Idaho U.S. House election, 2006. He was endorsed by the Club for Growth, and used their money to win the Republican primary, even though he only got 26% of the vote. Sali defeated Democrat Larry Grant in the 2006 General election.

Sali is a 16-year veteran of the Idaho State House, and he was endorsed by prominent conservative pressure groups, including the American Conservative Union (ACU), the National Pro-Life Alliance and the Club for Growth. Sali's most notorious incident was when he claimed that abortion causes breast cancer, causing Democratic state legislators to walk out of the chamber (Idaho's House Democratic leader is a breast cancer survivor herself).


Criticism from other Republicans

Sali is widely disliked by his fellow Republicans, and many of them have been happy to publically criticize him in the strongest terms. Here are a few examples:

  • "That idiot is just an absolute idiot. He doesn't have one ounce of empathy in his whole fricking body. And you can put that in the paper." - Bruce Newcomb (R), Speaker of the Idaho State House
  • Idaho's other Congressman, Mike Simpson (R), endorsed former state Senator Sheila Sorensen.
  • The State House Repulican caucus removed him as a committee chairman; something which almost never happens.

Faking Injuries

Sali's own doctor thought that he was faking injuries from a car accident in order to get a larger settlement. Source: IdaBlue

Repealing Gravity

"New Idaho Congressman Bill Sali stood on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives yesterday and proposed a bill to reduce gravity by 10 percent to combat obesity" - Eye on Boise, Jan. 11, 2007

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