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Bill Clinton was the Forty-Second President of the United States
Served: January 20, 1993 - January 20, 2001

  • Born: August 19, 1946
  • Birthplace: Hope, Arkansas, USA
  • Current Home: Chappaqua, New York, USA
  • Nicknames: Big Dog, The First Black President, Bill, Slick Willy





Key Personnel

Cabinet - 1st Term

Cabinet - 2nd Term


Other Officials

White House Staff and Advisors

Major Accomplishments

  • Best financial performance ever. During his term of office, the United States enjoyed the longest economic expansion in American history. Also, the federal government paid down the national debt at a record rate. Wealth creation, home ownership, job growth, productivity improvements, and many other economic measures all improved dramatically. This historic task was achieved by the 1993 Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, which raised taxes on the wealthy. Not a single Republican in the House and Senate voted for this bill.
  • Peace. Skilled diplomacy and strong partnership with a wider circle of allies kept the U.S. out of major wars, saving lives. (President Clinton inherited the Somalia conflict from his predecessor but managed to bring United Nations personnel into the country to achieve some measure of peace there.) While terrorism was a constant threat, Clinton's team stymied Al-Qaeda (foiling the Millenium Plots) and contained arch-enemies Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden. The Clinton Administration also brought peace to Northern Ireland, reduced the risk of North Korea invading South Korea, and very nearly resolved the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. See Clinton Doctrine.

Supreme Court Appointments

Political Career

First ran for office in 1974, challenging Republican Congressman John Hammerschmidt; Lost election narrowly but attracted attention of Arkansas Democratic Party. Elected Attorney General of Arkansas, 1976, and served until his entrance into the gubernatorial race to replace Gov. David Pryor, who was running for the Senate. Won the 1978 race, becoming, at 32 years old, the youngest governor in the nation. Lost re-election bid in 1980 to Republican Frank White. Came back in 1982 and defeated White. Re-elected in 1984, 1986, and after the state extended the gubernatorial term to 4 years, in 1990. Launched bid for Democratic Presidential nomination, 1991; did well initially but lost much of his support when Gennifer Flowers sex scandal broke. Regained support by January 1992, placing second to Paul Tsongas in NH primary. Gained momentum and was able to defeat Tsongas and Calif. Democrat Jerry Brown in many of the Southern primaries. Secured nomination and in November, defeated incumbent Republican George Bush and Independent Ross Perot, receiving 43 percent of the vote to Bush's 38 and Perot's 19. Re-elected in 1996 with 49 percent of the vote against Bob Dole's 40 percent.

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