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The Bible Belt is the part of the United States where strict fundamentalist Christianity dominates life. If you don’t do fundy Christian things like them and aren’t a fundy Christian they tell you that you are going to Hell. Then they try and make life Hell on Earth for you. This happens especially in the smaller towns and villages.

While the Bible Belt is often considered synonomous with the American South, many people will consider themselves from the Bible Belt if their particular town or family followed a Bible Belt-style existence.


The buckle

Many different places try to claim to be the "buckle of the Bible Belt," usually intended to mean the most fundamentalist part. Kentucky, Ohio, and Georgia are sometimes considered contenders, but many people also claim that the Florida panhandle is the strongest part.

The rest of the world

Up to the 1990s, people in other countries could say, “It’s sad. Religious people in some parts of the United States are crazy. It’s nothing to do with us and we can’t do anything about it.” That's not so today, in the modern world of the Internet.

  • The bad side: Today United States fundamentalists from the Bible Belt and from the rest of the United States are active on the Internet. Fundamentalists in other countries are vulnerable to infection with American fundamentalist ideas, as well, possibly, are some more liberal Christians. English speaking countries are especially vulnerable, since English is the only language most American fundamentalists are "fluent" in.
  • The good side: Today, rational people from the whole English-speaking world can contact Bible Belt people, and can tell them that their way of thinking doesn’t make sense. Many Bible Belt fundamentalists are too brainwashed to hear the message, but, hopefully, some will listen.
  • The completely flip side: Also, today, Americans can see that other countries have their own issues with religious extremists, despite their efforts to conceal it. (I'm looking at YOU, Canada.)

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