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Bernard Jenkin a.k.a. 'Bernard Christison Jenkin is a British Conservative MP, former Vice Chair of the Conservative Party and member of the House of Commons Defence Select Committee.

On April 5, 2007 he complained that the focus on the the 15 British military personnel in Iranian custody who were relased that day diverted attention from the Iranian nuclear program: "We have had a huge setback. We should have spent the last few weeks discussing the UN sanctions that were applied two weeks ago--funnily enough at the same time as these servicemen were captured." Source: n.a. "'No deal done with Iran'--Blair." BBC News. April 5, 2007. News Report


Jenkin was born April 9, 1959, the son of British politician and life peer Patrick Jenkin, a.k.a. Patrick, Lord Jenkin of Roding.


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