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Benjamin Netanyahu בנימין נתניהו is Chair of the rightist Likud Party in Israel, a position he won in December 2006, and a former Israeli Prime Minister. Likud ליכוד means "consolidation" in Hebrew.


  • Netanyahu wants "the world" (code for The United States) to attack Iran in the 21st century to atone for its failure to attack Nazi Germany in the mid-20th century in an impossible effort to save Jewish non-U.S. citizens from genocide: "I want to call on the world that didn't stop the Holocaust last time to stop any attempt this time and what needs to be done is divest genocide." Source: Naser Karimi. "Iran's Leader: U.N. Won't Stop Nuke Plan." Associated Press. January 21, 2007. Curious how Netanyahu has not demanded that Israeli Defense Force units be rushed to Darfur.


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