Bashir Nashir Al-Marwalah

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Transferred from Booman Tribune


Documentation: Coversheet: Prepared by James R. Crisfield, Jr. Status Review: Concurs and is final Sufficiency Review: Concurs and is final Convening Authority Appointment: Yes CSRT Record of Proceedings: Yes Combatant Status Review Tribunal Decision Report: Yes Summary of Tribunal Decision: Yes Sworn Detainee Statement: Yes Detainee Election Form: Yes (participates/translator needed) Recorder Exhibit List: Yes Summary of Evidence: Yes Request for Redaction: Yes PR Review: Yes (no comments)

Summary of case against him: The detainee voluntarily traveled from Yemen to Afghanistan to receive training at the Al Farouq training and Malek Military Center. After briefly visiting Yemen, he returned to Afghanistan in August, 2001, for additional training. He then went to the frontlines at Bagram before fleeing to Pakistan where he was arrested at a safe house in September, 2002.

There were no witnesses or writings requested.

Summary of Al-Marwalah's testimony: Mr. Al-Marwahlah only disputed one portion of the evidence as presented against him. He requested to be sworn in and stated that, "The statement I moved to the front line and participated in the fight against the Northam Alliance is not correct"

In his sworn testimony Mr. Al-Marwahlah said that he had traveled to Afghanistan, using his own money, to train for fighting against the Chechnyans and that he was an "Arab fighter." He described his training as, "Yes. I attended, but I don't know if it is considered specialized training. They just taught me how to walk and sit with a weapon." Mr. Al-Marwahlah stated that he didn't know what al Quaida was and that he never met bin Landen. "I can swear to you, I am not quite sure what to say. I was not fighting, nor did I want to fight Americans. The Americans were very far from where I was fighting and I am from Yemen. The Americans did not do anything to give me a reason to fight them."

My comments: Mr. Al-Marwahl