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A meme which encapsulates the idea that the Republicans (or at least, certain Republicans of great power) would like to see the US run much like the exploitation-friendly puppet dictatorships of Old South America, that is, like a "Banana Republic". Characteristics are a very broad poverty class and few to no labor or environmental protections.


  • Shady election practices
  • Chilling statements of dissent
  • Jingoism for the base


  • Dictatorship: "If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator." --- George W. Bush
  • Voting Fraud Protection:
    The partisan opposition to paper trails is a startling thing. One would assume that this should be a non-partisan issue, but the Republicans have taken sides against accountablity for electronic voting machines, implying they suspect the ability to cheat at elections electronically favor them. Of course, currently, the strongest Electronic Voting Machine company is Diebold, owned by a Republican that has vowed to deliver votes to the Republicans.
  • Voter Rolls Clearing in Florida
    Clearing non-felons from the rolls based on ethnicities that don't vote Republican
  • Ohio Voter Registration Rejection
    Supposedly due to the weight of the paper on the registration, but actually because of better voter registration drives for progressives in this key swing state.
  • Driving the cost of labor down
    Republicans not only support and promote outsourcing, but use it for their election work.
  • Suppression and Isolation of Dissent
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