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The Atlantic Charter was the product of a meeting between Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. They met in the spring of 1941, when it became obvious that the United States would enter World War II, but before Pearl Harbor pushed us in. The Atlantic Charter provides the goals and aspirations for World War II as the Fourteen Points provided the goals and aspirations for World War I

These points were what the concluded:

  1. Neither country would seek territory or other material gain
  2. Self-determination would be the basis for any changes in territory
  3. Self-determination would be respected and enlarged
  4. Free trade would be extended to all nations, to help them get back on their feet.
  5. There would be cooperation to ensure economic security.
  6. That governments would be established, in the wake of the Nazis, that would provide freedom from fear and freedom from want
  7. Freedom of the seas.
  8. Cooperation between nations is necessary to prevent further war.
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