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A northeast Georgia city. Athens, formally the consolidated government of Athens-Clarke County, is like many small cities in that it has a weak mayor system and the real executive power rests with an appointed manager.



It is a heavy Democratic stronghold and has no Republican representation on the local level. Its politics are dominated by Democrats of three basic stripes- 1) the enviros and academic liberals who are in some way affiliated with the University of Georgia which is also in Athens; 2) the conservative Dems which by this point are really DINOs for no other reason than because its virtually impossible to be elected or to wield any power in Athens as anything but a D; 3) and then the third of the population which is African American and or poor. This is the hidden part of Athens and a part that many of the suburban-bred college students never see.

Local Elected Officials

Mayor - Heidi Davison

County Commission

Legislative Representation

State House of Representatives

State Senate

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