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Atheism is the belief that there is no God, no soul, no supernatural cosmic structure of morality, and no afterlife. Rhetorically, atheism is the position that arguments should not be made from religious authority, religious people that believe in the separation of church and state, for example, support secular reasoning in law. Despite the fact that a few million Americans belong to no organized religion, Atheist is still one of the most powerful slurs in American politics. It has been commonly suggested that admission of atheism would wreck the chances of any presidential candidate, and that since at least the time of Jimmy Carter presidential hopefuls have been careful to dilly their religious credentials.

Atheists are of two different kinds, "strong" atheists are sure in their own minds that God does not exist. "Weak" atheists are unsure, given that 'knowledge' in this area is a problematic concept, and are similar to agnostics.

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