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The Arkansas General Assembly is bicameral, composed of a 35 member senate and a 100 member house of representatives. The members of the senate serve 4-year terms, and the members of the house serve 2-year terms.

The Democratic Party holds super-majority status in the Arkansas General Assembly, it is the fourth most Democratic Legislature in the country, after Massachusetts, Hawaii, and Connecticut.

The Arkansas General Assembly convenes in regular session on the second Monday in January of every odd-numbered year. A session lasts for 60 days unless the legislature votes to extend it. The governor can issue a "call" for a special session during the interims between regular sessions.

Service in the state legislature is part-time, and most state senators have full-time jobs during the rest of the year. The 35-member Arkansas Senate has eight Republicans and 27 Democrats. There are seven women and three African-Americans.

The House is made up of 84 men and 16 women; 72 are Democrats and 28 are Republicans. A House member must be at least 21 years old, a resident of Arkansas for two years and a resident of his or her district for one year. Members of the House serve two-year terms and since 1993, under Amendment 73 to the state's Constitution, may serve no more than three terms in office. [1]

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