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Part of the issue/position/argument conventions.

The arguments for a position establish its rightness and trueness, but do not say what "should" be, only what "is". They are from neutral point of view. Such arguments can be backed by questions or by any evidence from a reliable source - see evidence/source/authority.

Even if you feel the position strongly, the arguments against should be just as detailed. You may wish to ask someone of opposite beliefs to argue it out with you, just to be sure that they balance. If they can't, then, the position might be uncontroversial, trivial, undisputed, or you may just have some systemic bias in common with your opponent that prevents you from seeing the real point.

Not all arguments against are for the counter-position. Be aware that you may need to "mirror" some points, or, counter the "for" or "against" points in depth with deeper nesting.

See position:climate change caused Hurricane Katrina for a decent example.

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