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A person whose ancestry is from the Arabian Pennisula, although typically used with an intent to exclude Jews. Many people who live in North Africa are also Arab in descent. In Iraq, the term would generally be used to exclude Kurds and Turks.

The terms Arab and Muslim are not synonmous. Almost all Arabs are Muslims, but many Muslims (e.g. those from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia) are not Arabs.

Arabs in the United States, Arab-Americans, do not fit well into the customary approach to defining ethnicity in the United States. On one hand, many Arabs identify as "People of Color" and hence don't feel comfortable identifying themselves as "white". On the other hand, most Arabs would be considered neither black or Asian, and would also, obviously, not be considered Hispanic, by a typical American.

One of the most famous Arab-Americans in American political life today, is Mr. Zogby, the political pollster.

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