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Anti-communism is an ideology of opposition to communism or, more often, any progressive political movement or organization that can be labelled communist. Anti-communism was most important during the Cold War, when the United States led an alliance of liberal democracies, right-wing dictatorships and Communist Yugoslavia against the Soviet Union and its allies in Eastern Europe and the Third World. From the Fifties through to the end of the Cold War in 1991-1992, anti-communism was used to justify oppression in America and support for right-wing miltiary dictators abroad. During the McCarthy Era professional anti-communist fear-mongers exploited the American public's anxieties about nuclear war and social change. Federal and state civil services, labor unions and colleges and universities were subjected to political purges. For more than a decade political repression and paranoia shut down the free exchange of ideas and a liberal society began to resemble the Stalinist enemy that it has organized to oppose.

When the political ideological and military threat from the Soviet Union evaporated with the Soviet Union itself, only political cranks, and perhaps those with a guilty conscience, continue to look for communists under every bed.

List of Prominent Victims of Anti-Communism in the United States

List of Right-wing Anti-Communist Dictators (*installed or supported by the U.S.)


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