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Andy Keiser is the Chief of Staff for Michigan U.S. Representative Mike Rogers.

Security cameras were destroyed and red paint was sprayed on the building housing Rogers' office in an anti-Iraq War protest on the evening of March 19 or the early morning of March 20, 2007. Keiser complained about the attack and appeared to be able to read the minds of those responsible: "It is unfortunate that a few criminals decided to attack the 8th District Congressional office in the middle of the night. This is an office which provides mid-Michigan citizens with assistance regarding Social Security, Medicare, the IRS, Veterans Affairs and other federal agencies...The aggressive destruction of federal property and vandalism was a callous attempt to intimidate Congressman Rogers and his staff." Intimidation? How does he know what they were thinking?

Ann Arbor based Michigan Peaceworks exec. dir. Joel Eckel denounced the attacks. "That's not funny and obviously we wouldn't support it. It's disappointing, but there is more awareness of what Congress is doing and attempts to push attention on their actions."

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