American world domination hurts most Americans

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Why does the US have to be the "only superpower," and the most powerful nation in the world? Is having a military establishment larger than the next largest 10 (?) powers combined any real benefit to the average American? Who really benefits from American world domination?

I suggest that the Average American doesn't benefit, and in fact might be hurt by American world domination. The beneficialries seem to be the top management of politically-connected transnational corporations. How can that be communicated to the masses?

From what I read in the history books, 19th century western imperialism benefited the imperialist nations in the following ways:

  • Allowed second-rate westerners the opportunity to achieve high personal and professional staus. I.e., a lot of red-neck white trash who would have ended up as file clerks, etc. were able to be high colonial officials. One way to ease class tensions in the colonial power
  • Allowed the colonial power to obtain raw materials at aritifically low prices,
  • Provided a ready market for industrial production of colonial power.

Today, these reason, while they still exist, are attenuated, and the average American doesn't get the same benefit from them as, say, the average Briton did at the height of the British Raj in India. In addition, we still mouth an anti-colonialist ideology that provides severe cognitive dissonance to our actions.

Opportunity for Americans who can't succeed at home: Most Americans don't think of this as a career choice when the job market stalls. Besides, American world domination doesn't seem to provide an advantage in the job market over other westerners. Anyway, in today's world, with the (short-term) exception of Iraq, there just aren't places where a young, callow American college grad gets unlimited power over the "natives."

Access to raw materials: Do we really need to control supplies? With a world market, raw materials are raw material, and can be shipped from anywhere. Even if the supplier doesn't like us, they still need to sell the material to somebody to maintain their economy, and if our enemy sells to another customer, that frees up demand. for other sources. We can buy oour supplies in any case. So even if Al-Qaeda takes over Saudi Arabia, they still have to sell their oil, and if they won't there's always someone who will.

As for getting the raw material cheaply, that might not be in our best advantage, becuase it fosters waste, pollution, and other externalities that degrade life in the United States. In other words, $5/gallon gasoline won't cause the US to grind to a halt, and may make life more enjoyable.

Guaranteed market for our products: Actually, it's working the other way, becuase of lower costs of production, most stuff is not "made in America" any more. American worker's can't compete with the "natives" unless they lower their working standards and wages accordingly. Right now this is mostly limited to industrial manufacturing, but soon it will spread to other sectors. Just wait until most of the films being shown at the local cineplex are made in Bollywood, even if the dals that made them were brokered by the usual Hollywood suspects.

So why does America care about dominating the world? Who benefits? Certainly not the average American.

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