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Alberto Muller is a retired Venezuelan Army general and a military analyst close to the government of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.


  • "We are considering procurement of Russian Su-35 fighter aircraft to replace the F-16s, after the United States banned weapons exports to Venezuela...At the moment the Su-35 is world’s best multi-role fighter." Source: n.a. "Venezuela to Replace U.S. F-16 Fighters With Russian Su-35s." MosNews. May 17, 2006. Article
  • "The recommendation that I'm making to the minister, and which I will make to the president at the appropriate time, is that the (F-16s) be sold to a third party because if they aren't complying with their part of the agreement, we don't have any obligation to comply with our part," said Muller in rejecting the assertion that Venezuela needs U.S. approval to sell its old F-16s to Iran. Source: Fabiola Sanchez. "Venezuela Considers Selling U.S. F-16s, Possibly To Iran." Associated Press. May 16, 2006.
  • "The ideal would be like Switzerland, where every citizen has his weapon in his home," said Muller of venezuela's new Popular Defense Unit. Source: Mike Ceaser. "Chavez's 'Citizen Militias' On The March." BBC News. July 1, 2005.


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