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Population: 3,413,500
Capital: Edmonton, pop. 1,016,000.
Other Cities and Towns: Calgary, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Grande Prairie, Ft. McMurray

Alberta is a province of Canada. It is one of Canada's western provinces. It became a province on September 1, 1905. The capital city is Edmonton. The city of Calgary is the second major city of the province.



Think of Alberta as an extension of Montana, but with more people...and trees, and oil.

Northern Alberta is mostly covered in boreal forest, which as you move south gives way to Parkland; a region where the tall grass prairie meets the forest. Moving further south the tall grass gives way to the more arid short grass regions. The north has abundant lakes and rivers while the south is semi-arid. The western border for the south of the province is the continental divide of the Rocky Mountains, with the extreme northeast border meeting the Canadian Shield. The main southern rivers drain east to the Hudson Bay while the main northern rivers drain into the Mckenzie River to the Arctic Ocean. Only the Milk River in the south drains into the Missouri to the Gulf of Mexico.


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The parliament of Alberta is called the Legislative Assembly. Its representative menbers are referred to as MLA's.

The Premier of the province is Hon. Ed Stelmach, Progressive Conservative.

Current Politics

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