Ad hominem

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Ad hominem 
Short for Argumentum ad hominem, a Latin term which, translated literally, means "argument against the man". In practical terms, an ad hominem means to reply to an argument by attacking the arguer's personality or credibility without citing facts. Note that a personal attack by itself does not constitute an ad hominem argument. Attacking the other-side of the debate, rather than their argurment is a tactic commonly employed by Dittoheads when backed into a corner. The argumentum ad hominem is a logical fallacy. See Rhetorical Sleight of Hand.

For example:

Joe Liberal: I think any meaningful MedicAid reform would include a competivitely bargained drug benefit rather than a givaway to powerful Pharmaceutical interests.
Dittohead: Competitive bargaining? Joe's ideas about MedicAid are irrelevant because liberals only bargain with terrorists!
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