Abdullah Saleh Ali Al Ajmi

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Abdullah Saleh Ati AI Ajmi Civil Action No. 02-CV-0828 (CKK)

Cover sheet: Prepared by James R. Crisfield, Jr. (15 September 2004)
Review of Combatant Status Review Tribunal: Meets criteria for enemy combatant (20 August 2004)
Legal sufficiency review of Combatant Status Review Tribunal: Yes
Appointing order: Tribunal members’ names redacted out (2 August 2004)
Forwarding memorandum: Yes (12 August 2004)
Decision report: Yes
Unclassified summary: Detainee is properly classified as an enemy combatant as he has willingly affiliated himself with the Taliban. However, the unclassified evidence presented by the government was unpersuasive because it merely asserted the the government had supporting evidence. The tribunal also considered classified evidence. The decision was unanimous.
Election form: Uncooperative or unresponsive (13 July 2004). Acknowledged reading tribunal notice. Declined further comment.
Summary of evidence: The detainee went AWOL from the Kuwaiti military to fight for the Taliban in Afghanistan. Detainee admitted that he was in Afghanistan fighting for the Taliban against the U.S. or its coalition partners. He was captured while attempting to escape to Pakistan.
Personal representative review: I have no comments

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