Abdul Khaled Ahmed Sahleh Al Bedani

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This fellow is a Saudi. He was found in Tora Bora where he had been wounded and hiding in a bunker by Afghanis. They gave him to the Americans.

There was a statement attributed to him as saying he went to Afghanistan to get military training and fled to Tora Bora when it became clear the Americans were going to retaliate.

In the little bit of documentation they had they didn't say where Abdul was when the statement was taken.

At the tribunal Abdul had a "personal representative" who did not seem to act as an attorney. The "personal representative" assured the court that the interpreter had the right dialect but that Abdul had refused to speak to the tribunal and thusly called no witnesses nor produced any docs.

From the paucity of docs I concluded that they were very happy Abdul stayed silent and unlike a true court of law did not appoint someone to take over his defense. If possible it would be nice to do another FOIA and find out where and how his so-called statement was developed and why he wasn't appointed an attorney to represent him.


AP List of Detainees


http://humanrights.ucdavis.edu/HRprisoners.htm A page of links to all tribunals including the one cited immediately above.

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