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Abbreviation for Amplitude Modulation, a technical means of transmitting audio using radio waves. The AM band is now home to far too many raving right-wing lunatics such as:

Liberals on AM talk radio

  • Alan Colmes is a self-described liberal who has a bad tendency to allow himself to be used in the role of "token liberal" opposite right-wing talk hosts, such as Sean Hannity. During the early to mid 1990s he was probably the most prominent liberal on talk radio until others like Tom Leykis and Jim Hightower started moderately-successful shows.
  • Other self-described "liberals" on AM talk radio who swung hard right during the Clinton era, including Chuck Harder and Mike Siegel. In Siegel's case his sudden shift to the right was a cynical move to keep his job at Seattle's KVI, which had adopted an all right wingers all the time format. Harder, a former consumer advocate, got caught up in promoting conspiracy theories surrounding Bill and Hillary Clinton.
  • Leykis and Colmes, and a few others were therefore the only game in town for many years. Their liberalism is considered weak or suspect by some, and unable or unwilling to confront the extreme right voices that dominated AM talk radio, and there was a vast need to get some real progressive voices on the AM dial to counter the far right. Enter Air America and Ed Schultz.
  • Ed Schultz has become quite popular and aims his show at a blue collar audience as a "regular guy", while unabashedly partisan and progressive.
  • Air America is a radio network with a lineup of several shows including:

Eclectic and oddball shows

Usually they discuss paranormal and other unusual topics. Sometimes political, but they do not have a strong progressive nor conservative orientation and their politics can best be described as having elements of both.

  • Art Bell
  • George Noory, who has replaced Art Bell as the main host of Coast to Coast AM
  • Alex Jones - very political, conspiracy oriented show. Draws from both left and right. Originally right-wing but these days is leaning more left. Prominent in the "9-11 Truth Movement".

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