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The 50 State Strategy was first articulated by DNC Chairman Howard Dean during his run for the chairmanship.

The 50 State Strategy, essentially, consists of having Democratic Party organizers operating in all 50 states, organizing voters regardless of whether there's an election going on or not.

Howard Dean explained the importance of this on Meet the Press on May 22, 2005:

"We cannot run 18-state campaigns. We've got to be everywhere. We've got to be in Mississippi. We've got to be in Oklahoma. We have to be organized. By the end of this year, we have a goal of having a Democrat in every precinct in America, not every county, but every precinct in America, four paid political organizers in every state in America in 2005. We're not going to have seven-month campaigns for the presidency anymore. We're going to have four-year campaigns, and we're going to help governorships in '05 and '06 and '07. We're going to help congressionals in '06 and '08. But we're also going to try to get elected people running for the state legislature, people running for city council. We're involved in some mayors' races right now. We need to do this from top to bottom just as the Republicans did. They have a 30-year plan. As I said, there's nothing I admire about what the Republicans are doing to this country politically, but I admire their campaign business model a great deal. And we're, frankly, going to adopt a lot of it that works for Democrats."

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