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note on form

This name is in standard dkosopedia:election form which is the same as Wikipedia's where its title is United States House of Representatives elections, 2006. That is the recommended place to find and update generic information.

The 2006 Senate election is scheduled for the same date as this House election, as well as many state and local elections, including those for 36 state governors.

You can also find some good information about who is running at some external sites, for candidates and filing deadlines look at politics1. If you want to know about past a present money look at Open Secrets and if you want to know about corporate relationships see sourcewatch.org.

The following is intended to provide more background and links within dkosopedia itself. Please link every name to its own article.

note on prospects

  • As of 2005-10: "With the 2006 congressional elections a year away, 48 percent of respondents said they preferred a Democratic-controlled Congress, compared with 39 percent who said they preferred Republican leadership, NBC said. The 9-point difference was the largest margin between the parties in the 11 years the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll had been tracking the question, NBC said."
  • According to the Cook Political Report – a journal that analyzes political races around the country – 10 Republican House seats as “toss ups” against only two “toss up” Democratic House seats. The Cook Report rates 46 Republican House seats as competitive against 20 competitive Democratic House seats. For the Democrats to pick up the 15 seats they need for a 218 House majority, they have to win their own competitive races and win 15 to 20 out of the 46 competitive Republican House seats.
  • A big group of veterans, known as the Fighting Dems are running for Congress in 2006, and if they can repeat Paul Hackett's strong performance, they could make a big difference in this election.
  • Dismissing the idea that Republicans might lose their legislative majorities in the 2006 mid-term election in either the U.S. Senate or U.S. House of Representtatives, Rove stated on October 24, 2006 that, "I'm allowed to see the polls on the individual races. And after all, this does come down to individual contests between individual candidates." Interview on National Public Radio: "Rove Sees No GOP Fall in the 2006 Election." October 24, 2006. story transcript



=Arizona= (see Arizona U.S. House election, 2006)





  • CT-04
    • Diane Farrell (D) - Westport First Selectwoman. (cw)
    • Chris Shays (R) - Incumbent. (hw) (cw)
    • Richard Duffee (G) (cw)
    • Phil Maymin (L) (cw)
    • Outlook: Shays is a reputedly moderate Republican who has supported Bush in his push for the Iraq war. The fourth district has become very anti-Bush and Shays is vulnerable.
    • see Daily Kos => CT-04
  • CT-05
    • Nancy Johnson (R) - Incumbent. (hw) (cw)
    • Chris Murphy (D) (cw)
    • Outlook: Kerry won this district in 2004, and Murphy has more than $350K cash on hand, but Johnson has a two million dollar war chest. CT's most republican district, but the mood is anti-Bush. Toss up.
    • see Daily Kos => CT-05



  • FL-08
    • Ric Keller (R) (hw) (cw)
    • Charlie Stuart (D) (cw)
    • Wes Hoaglund (I) (cw)
    • Clay Hill (Write-In)
    • D.J. Mauro (Write-In)
    • Larry Sapp (Write-In)
    • see Daily Kos => FL-08
  • FL-16
    • Mark Foley (R) - Incumbent. Resigned September 29, 2006. **Open Seat**
    • Joe Negron (R) (cw) Florida State Representative. Name is not listed on ballot due to his late replacement.
    • Tim Mahoney (D) (cw)
    • Emmie Ross (I) (cw)
    • Outlook: Cook Report: "Leans Democratic" (10/6/06). [5]
    • see Daily Kos => FL-16









  • KY-02
    • Mike Weaver (D) - Kentucky State Representative. (cw)
    • Ron Lewis (R) - Incumbent. (hw) (cw)
    • W. Ed Parker (Constitution) (cw)
    • Outlook: The Cook Report on October 6, 2006 rated this race "Lean Republican". [11]
    • see Daily Kos => KY-02


  • LA-02
    • William J. Jefferson (D) Incumbent. (hw) (cw)
    • Scott Barron (D)
    • Regina Bartholomew (D) (cw)
    • Karen Carter (D) - Louisiana State Representative. (cw)
    • Troy Carter (D) (cw)
    • Deven "D.C." Collins (D)
    • John Edwards (D) (cw)
    • M.V. "Vinny" Mendoza (D) (cw)
    • Derrick Shepherd (D) (cw)
    • Eric Bradley (R)
    • Joe Lavigne (R) (cw)
    • L.W. "Lance" von Uhde III (R)
    • Gregory Kahn (Libertarian) (cw)
    • see Daily Kos => LA-02






  • MN-01
    • Gil Gutknecht (R) (hw) (cw)
    • Tim Walz (DFL) (cw)
    • External links:
      • Associated Press. Gutknecht, Walz debate Iraq, health care -- Energetic exchange marks a close campaign St. Paul Pioneer Press, October 21, 2006.
      • The Free Press. Our View: Walz a breath of fresh air Mankato Free Press, October 31, 2006.
    • see Daily Kos => MN-01






New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota


  • OH-01
    • Steve Chabot (R) - Incumbent. (hw) (cw)
    • John Cranley (D) - Cincinnati City Councilman. (cw)
    • Outlook: These two have been campaigning actively for some time. Incumbent Chabot has incumbency, business support and a larger war chest, Cranley has done well in prior races and as a Cincinnati Councilman and has labor and out-of-state support. They are both lawyers and Catholics from the west side of Cincinnati, and they sound very much alike on many key issues (Cranley is pro-life, for example). Cook Report (10/6/06): Toss Up. [15]
    • see Daily Kos => OH-01
  • OH-02
    • Jean Schmidt (R) - Incumbent. (hw) (cw)
    • Victoria Wells Wulsin (D) - Physician, Epidemiologist. (cw)
    • Outlook: "Mean Jean" Schmidt is a real piece of work. She very narrowly defeated Democratic unknown Paul Hackett in a special election last August, in a district that is solidly Republican. Her attack on Jack Murtha on the floor of Congress drew widespread criticism, although to area residents it reportedly didn't come as much of a surprise.
    • see Daily Kos => OH-02
  • OH-06
    • Open Seat Incumbent: Ted Strickland (D) is running for Governor.
    • Democratic Candidate:
      • Charlie Wilson - State Senator, ex-State House Minority Whip and funeral director. (cw)
    • Republican Candidate:
    • Independent Candidate:
    • Outlook: Blasdel is a force in the Ohio Republican Party and has to be considered the favorite. Wilson has good credentials and his positions align him with the popular Ted Strickland.
    • see Daily Kos => OH-06
  • OH-10
    • Dennis Kucinich (D) - Incumbent. (hw) (cw)
    • Mike Dovilla (R) - former Bush Administration Official, Naval Reserve Officer. (cw)
    • Bruce Cobbeldick(Independent) - Businessman and USMC Veteran. (cw)
    • Outlook: Kucinich's stands on national issues don't help him with the conservatives in this suburban and blue collar district, but he is nevertheless popular and very unlikely to lose.
    • see Daily Kos => OH-10
  • OH-13
    • Open Seat Incumbent: Sherrod Brown (D) is vacating to run for Senate race.
    • Betty Sutton - former State Representative, former Summit County Councilwoman and attorney.
    • Craig Foltin - Lorain Mayor, former Lorain City Auditor & accountant.
    • Outlook: The Democractic field is deep and stong, except perhaps for Cafaro, who fared poorly running against LaTourette last time around.
    • see Daily Kos => OH-13
  • OH-14
    • Steven LaTourette (R) - Incumbent. (hw) (cw)
    • Lewis Katz (D) - Law school professor. (cw)
    • Outlook: LaTourette has made trouble for himself. His late vote changes on CAFTA and the big budget bill did not go over well, particularly since he told an NPR reporter the night of his last-minute conversion on the budget bill that the voters back home in Chardon wouldn't notice because of how much snow they were getting that night. I don't know what he was thinking, but people in the district are pretty fed up with him. Nevertheless, he is influential and well-connected, and his Democratic opponents are well-meaning but politically inexperienced. Katz is a well-respected legal scholar, and I've heard that he speaks well, but he has no political resume.
    • see Daily Kos => OH-14
  • OH-15
    • - incumbent. Deborah Pryce (R) - Incumbent. (hw) (cw)
    • Mary Jo Kilroy (D). Franklin County Commissioner, ex-Columbus School Board and attorney. (cw)
    • Outlook: Kilroy is a force. She has brought energy and passion to her campaign. Pryce is powerful but will be tainted by her close connection to Tom DeLay. Expect this to be a hotly contested race. Cook Report (10/6/06): Toss Up. [16]
    • see Daily Kos => OH-15
  • OH-18
    • Robert W. Ney (R) - Incumbent. Retiring in 2006. Open Seat. (hw) (cw)
    • Joy Padgett (R)(cw)
    • Zack Space (D). Dover City Attorney, former public defender and trial attorney. (cw)
    • Outlook: Bob Ney is obviously in big trouble in connection with the Jack Abramoff investigation. He is going around making appearances as if nothing is amiss, but the bottom could drop out at any time. The Democratic field has been the subject of several diaries on DailyKos, including this one and that one by comalog. Cook Report (10/6/06): Toss Up. [17]
    • see Daily Kos => OH-18




Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota



(See: Texas U.S. House election, 2006)

Texas Democrats found challengers for all but one of the Republican incumbents.





West Virginia


  • WI-08
    • Open Seat Incumbent: Rep. Mark Green (R) is running for governor.
    • Steve Kagen (D) (cw)
    • John Gard (R) - State Assembly Speaker. (cw)
    • Daily Kos => WI-08
    • Outlook: Obviously, this will be a hotly contested seat. The eighth district has been Republican for all but 2 of the past twenty-odd years and went for Bush in 2004. However, Russ Feingold always does well here, and the numbers look good. Republicans, nationally, are uniting behind John Gard. Cook Report (10/31/06) - rating remains "Toss Up". [26]
    • External links:
    • see Daily Kos => WI-08


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