U.S. gubernatorial elections, 2005

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New Jersey

Current Governor: Richard Codey (D)

Prognosis: Safe Dem

Possible Challengers:

Jon Corzine (D) - U.S. Senator

Bret Schundler (R) - Jersey City mayor Doug Forrester (R) - Businessman


Corzine will wipe out Codey in the primary, and will go on to wipe out Schundler, Forrester, or anyone who runs in the general election by double digits. I'll be shocked if his win is by less than 10 points.


Current Governor: Mark Warner (D)

Prognosis: tossup

Tim Kaine (D) - Lieutenant Governor

Jerry Kilgore (R) - former VA Attorney General

Russell Potts (I) - Republican State Senator


Early on, Kilgore led in one poll by 5 points and the other by 9. Kaine is a much better speaker than Kilgore, and some of Kilgore's affectations may not help him with his base. A July 24 Mason-Dixon poll showed Kaine and Kilgore in a statistical dead heat, and a September Rasmussen poll showed Kaine with 45%, Kilgore with 45%, and Potts with 5%. This race could easily go either way, but Kaine has picked up 9 points in this poll since April to Kilgore's 2, indicating that the momentum is in Kaine's favor. This poll was released just before a new ad hit the airways featuring immensely popular incumbent governor Mark Warner's endorsement of Kaine.

In the Republican primary, George Fitch attacked Kilgore from the right, as a "tax and spend" Republican who is a phony on "limited government, holding the line on taxes and promoting family values."

Virginia's chapter of the Club for Growth has denounced Kilgore and spoken favorably of Fitch.

The election will be held on Tuesday, November 8, 2005. Check out this page - once you input your street address and Virginia zipcode it will show you all information related to voting on November 8th.

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