2004 Ohio Irregularities

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In 2004, Ohio's failure to replace punch card voting with improved systems is just one of many issues raised with regard to the Ohio 2004 Presidential election. Other Ohio fairness, fraud, and irregularity issues include the exit poll inaccuracy, various forms of voter suppression, cross-voting and vote-switching, paperless voting, uncounted provisional ballots, voter registration fraud, vote count secrecy, electronic voting security, politization of process, and recount irregularities.


Cuyahoga County, OH

Turnout appeared to be over 100% in some areas, because absentees for entire wards were added in single precincts. However, turnout was actually surpressed.

High third-party results in several strong Kerry support precincts revealed patterns of cross-voting, casting ballots with equipment for one precinct and counting with equipment for another. In Cuyahoga County, 7/8th of their voters shared locations with precincts using different ballot orders. Combinations of ballot orders determine cross-voting outcomes. The arrangement of the ballot order combinations created higher probabilities of cross-voting and Kerry-Bush vote-switching in areas of highest Kerry support. Because Nader's place on the ballot was converted to disqualified, cross-votes could also go uncounted. The non-vote percentages also indicated cross-voting. Statistical analysis revealed correlations between Kerry support, third-party voting, and percentage of non-votes. Sorting precincts according to cross-vote outcomes revealed the cross-voting. Kerry votes were converted to Bush votes, non-votes, and third party candidate votes moreso than vice-versa because Cuyahoga County, Ohio's largest, has 2/3 Kerry voters.


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