2004 Florida Irregularities

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This diary has a link to a competent-seeming study suggesting fraud in Florida's Diebold counties (which are not the Dixiecrat counties).

Please use this page to keep up to date on Irregularities in Florida for the 2004 presidential election.

What is the deal with palm beach county and all its extra votes?

Many rural counties have mostly democratic registrations, but going for Bush - this is most likely due to Dixiecrats. Registration data shows losses of Democratic registrations over the last four years, and gains for Republicans, which means it would most likely be people switching their registrations.

There's a potential rebuttal to the dixiecrat argument that I haven't read here

There's talk of the dixiecrat explanation only holding water for some of these counties, but not others... but I don't know the details. anyone? bueller? bueller?

In Florida, some counties use Diebold machines, and some don't. So far, exit polling has only been reported on a statewide level, so until exit polling data is released in full, we won't be able to check per-precinct numbers against per-precinct exit polling data.

This diary suggests how the election might have been stolen in Palm Beach.

See also Election 2004 Results

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