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  • January 15: Future Pakistanu military dictator Pervez Musharraf is promoted to Major General and given the command of an Infantry Division.
  • January 16: U.S. officially begins Operation Desert Storm to liberate Kuwait. (Air war begins on January 17th in theater.)
  • February 12: Darwin Day
  • February 24: Ground war begins against Iraqi forces in Kuwait.
  • February 28: Iraqi forces retreat from Kuwait.
  • February 28: Saudi prince/ambassador Bandar bin Sultan (a.k.a. Bandar Bush) meets with Republican U.S. President George H.W. Bush in the Oval Office.
  • June 25: Slovenia and Croatia declare independence from Yugoslavia. The Yugoslavian army fails to prevent them from breaking away. Macedonia follows suit later that year.
  • July 1: On the first day of Maine's fiscal year all but emergency services of state government are suspended and approximately 100,000 state employees are furloughed.
  • August 14: Richard Snelling dies of a heart attack, and Howard Dean becomes Governor of Vermont.
  • August 19: Mikhail Gorbachev is put under house arrest in an last-gasp coup attempt to prevent the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Russian President Boris Yeltsin defies the coup, which fails three days later.
  • October 27: General Dzhokher Dudayev is elected President of Chechnya.
  • November 12: Santa Cruz Massacre in Dili, East Timor: 271 killed, 278 wounded, and 270 "disappeared."
  • December 8: The presidents of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus declare the Soviet Union dissolved.
  • December 25: Mikhail Gorbachev resigns.
  • December 31: Soviet Union ceases to exist and the experiment ends.
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