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1985 1986 1987


  • Mikhail Gorbachaev announces perestroika (tepid economic reforms).
  • Kurt Vonnegut publishes Galapagos.
  • PTL television ministry collects $129 million in donations. In 1987 accountants can't locate what happened to $92 million!
  • China's population is 1,075.07 million.
  • Cordillera People's Alliance is organized in Luzon. Philipines.


  • January 28: NASA's Space Shuttle Challenger explodes soon after takeoff, killing all seven crew.
  • January 29: DCI William Casey dies of a brain tumor a mere two days before he is to give testimony for the Iran-Contra scandal, Mayknoll, Maryland.
  • February 12: Darwin Day
  • March 30: Washington Post reports that the Reagan administration will sell Stinger antiaircraft missiles to American client terrorist organizations in Angola and Afghanistan.
  • April 26: Chernobyl Nuclear Accident in Soviet Ukraine sends a cloud of nuclear contamination across Ukraine, Poland and Scandanavian north.
  • May 15: Slobodan Milosevic becomes Serbian Communist Party President.
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