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1973 1974 1975


  • National Coalition for to Ban Handguns and National Council to Control Handguns are organized.
  • China's population is 908.59 million.
  • Jerry Kanstra publishes Weed: Adventures of a Dope Smuggler.
  • In the powerful documentary Hearts and Minds, Gen. William C. Westmoreland says, "Well the Oriental, doesn't put the same high price on life, as does the Westerner. Life is plentiful, life is cheap in the Orient. And ah, ... as the, ... ah, philosophy of the Orient, ah, expresses it, ah, life is, ah, ... not important."
  • Nixon Adminsitration rewards the new miltiary regime in Chile with economic assistance.


  • January 29: John Laesch is born in Monrovia, Liberia.
  • February 12: Darwin Day
  • March 1: Charles "Chuck" Colson is indicted for his role in the Watergate cover-up. The future wingnut fundamentalist evangelist would go on to plead to a lesser charge in return for being allowed to cooperate with prosecutors.
  • May 18: India detonates its first nuclear bomb, with a yield of 15 Kt.
  • June: Nixon-Brezhnev Summit, U.S. and Soviet Union agree to limit ABM installations to one for each side.
  • August: Anti-Japanese East Asian Front (Higashi Ajia Hannichi Busoi Sensen) bomb the Marunouchi office of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, killing eight.
  • August 7: 6,000 mostly Danish and Swedish demonstrators march against the Barsebeck nuclear plant, which was located only 12 miles from Copenhagen and close to Malmo.
  • August 9: U.S. President Richard Nixon resigns, replaced by Gerald Ford. A democratic people rejoices that its republic has been saved.
  • August 25: While 20,000 gather on shore to support the demosntration, 300 small fishing boats surround the nuclear powered ship MUTSU in an anti-nuclear protest in Japan.
  • September 12: Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie is overthrown in amiltiary coup that brings the Derg or Army Coordinating Committee to power. The former emperor is driven to his new prison in a Volkswagon Beetle. General Aman Andom takes power as Chair of the Derg.
  • November 23: Ethiopian Major Megistu Haile Mariam delivers brilliant speech, fires up some of his audience to drive tank to General Aman Andom's house an start firing into it. Other Ethiopian soldiers execute 59 members of the former regime.
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