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1965 1966 1967



  • NASA budget begins its long nosedive, slipping from $5.25 billion to $5.17 billion.
  • French President Charles DeGaulle expells NATO from France, but negotiates a secret treaty with NATO by which it would be an ally in case of an invasion of West Germany by the Soviet Red Army. NAYO HQ moves to Brussels.
  • Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie makes state visit to Jamaica.
  • U.S. Senate holds hearings on LSD.
  • March Against Fear led by CORE, SCLC and SNCC.
  • China's population is 745.42 million.
  • The Blue Max is released.
  • William Casey makes unsuccessful Republican Party Primary election bid for a Long Island, New York seat. He will later support Nicaraguan Contra terrorism as Ronald Reagan's CIA Director.



  • January 3: SNCC voter registration activist is shot to death after he uses a "white" restroom in Tuskegee, Alabama.
  • January 17: U.S. B-52 crashes near Palomares, Spain with 4 unarmed H-bombs.


  • February 12: Darwin Day
  • February 12: 1968 Republican President candidate Michigan Governor George Romney mstakenly refers to the British blocade of Nigeria during a speech in Exeter, New Hampshire. He should have said "Rhodesia."


  • April: Future Watergate burglar G. Godon Liddy raids the Millbrook Estate of William M. Hitchcock, nephew of Andrew Mellon and patron of Timothy Leary. Freedom is intolerable to this goose-stepper.


  • June: Opposition West advocates boycott of Dow Chemical products because it manufactures Napalm-B.
  • June: Number of U.S. troops in South Vietnam reaches 268,000.
  • June: Author Daniel Pinchbeck is born.
  • June 5: James Meredith begins 220 mile march to encourage voter registration.


  • September 24: France detonates first thermonuclear device at the Tuamoto Islands.


  • October: Black Panther Party for Self Defense in Oakland is founded by Merritt College students Huey Newton and Bobby Seale. Black Panther Party issues platform statement declaring: "We believe that Black people should not be forced to fight in the miltiary service to defend a racist government that does not protewct us. We will not fight and kill other people of color in the world who, like black people, are being victimized by the white racist government in America."


  • November 4: Abbie Hoffman and Sheila Karklin divorce.
  • November 4: Che Guevara arrives in Bolivia using a fake name and passport.
  • November 7: Che Guevara makes the first entry into his Bolivian diary.

December 8

  • United Jewish Appeal sets a new record on the price of access with a $10,000 a plate "call-dinner" at the Waldorf-Astoria. Michigan Republican Governor George Romney speaks to the 600 assembled elites: "American Citizens, armed with this sense of responsibility, and blessed with greater material prosperity than any nation in history, can and must give leadership in rebuilding and healing a damaged world." Source: Michael Stern. "Dinner With $10,000 Minimum Opens U.J.A. Drive." The New York Times. December 9, 1966.
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