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1956 1957 1958


  • Domino Theory dominates thinking (and non-thinking) in Washington, DC.
  • Conveyor belt sushi dining invented in Japan by entrepreneur Shiraishi Yoshiaki.
  • Isaac Asimov publishes The Naked Sun.
  • China's population is 645.63 million.
  • Trinidadian Claudia Jones is expelled from the United States as a political undisirable; moves to London andfounds trhe West Indian Gazette.
  • Aileen Furse Philby dies.


  • January 4: Suez Canal opens only half-way, for medium sized ships.
  • January 5: Eisenhower Doctrine permitting U.S. troops top be sent to the Middle East to defend client regimes is announced.
  • January 20: Richard Nixon is sworn in as Vice President for a 2nd term.
  • January 21: Dwight Eisenhower is sworn in as President for a 2nd term.
  • March 13: Britain and Jordan formally end their military alliance. British troops are to be withdrawn from Jordan in 6 months.
  • March 14: Egypt sends civil administrators into Gaza.
  • March 15: Egypt announces that Israel would not be allowed to use the Suez Canal and Saudi Arabia halts Israeli use of the port of Aqaba.
  • April 15: MEP Giovanni Claudio Fava is born in Catania.
  • May 15: Britain tests its first hydrogen bomb.
  • July 29: IAEA is established.
  • October 4: The Soviet Union launches Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite.
  • November 12: Shah of Iran presents bill to the Iranian parliament bringing British rentier protectorate Bahrain within Iranian jurisdiction.
  • November 27: Caroline Bouvier Kennedy is born at Cornell Medical Center, New York.
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